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Kp Astrology Pdf UPD

Vedic astrology nowadays have become obsolete because of their failure to give accurate pinpoint predictions and so I feel that vedic astrologers must update themselves with the stellar astrology followed by cuspal interlink astrology so that they can come out with correct predictions instead of cheating their clients with false and bogus predictions and remedies thus defaming the glory of this ancient science.

Kp Astrology Pdf

I would request my readers of this article to avail my astrology service despite my tight other professional schedule to avail genuine consultation should you feel like, if you come across any problems in life as our duty is to unravel your future with pinpoint accuracy to enable you to plan it but remember destiny can never be changed not even by God. Accordingly you can refer to my website whereby you can contact on my mail id, only for consultation.

Now coming back to our discussion on the above subject, that is the cuspal interlink theory or cuspal interlink astrology we are highly indebted and pay our homage to professor SP Khullar who was a pioneer in this subject or popularly this subject is called khullar interlink astrology whereby accurate pin point predictions can be made with the concept of cuspal interlink and sub sublord theory and this regard I would wish to name a few other stalwarts in this subject like Mr. Bhaskaran from Madurai, Mr Ojha, Mr Rajender Chani, Mr SK Anil etc. and others.

Now my readers/ students in astrology, please note that to understand this new concept of advanced cuspal interlink astrology one must have good knowledge and fundas in Vedic Astrology and also KP Stellar Astrology. Your concept and skill in making predictions with the help of cuspal interlink theory depends upon your clear concept in KP Stellar Astrology.

Please note that all ageold concepts in cuspal interlink astrology like planetary exaltation, debilitation, conjunction, aspects, association etc are being discarded some of which are there in traditional KP Astrology.


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