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What makes your coaching program different?


Unlike other programs that rely on extreme willpower or “one size fits all” meal plans, I’ll help you learn how to eat better in a way that fits YOUR goals and YOUR lifestyle. 


That means you don’t have to count exact calories or points or anything like that. And there won’t be a list of foods you can’t eat. 


Instead, I use a science-based approach that teaches you how to look at food differently, listen to your body, and build lifestyle habits that put YOU in control of your health. 


Rather than telling you to make a lot of changes to how you’re eating all at once, we’ll focus on changing one thing at a time by breaking your big goals down into highly strategic, doable daily actions. 


Over time, all these skills will become habits that result in incredible, life-changing results. 


And even better: With this approach, you won’t feel deprived, overwhelmed, or confused about what to do. Instead, you’ll have a clear, step-by-step program that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. 


As a result, you’ll lose weight, gain energy, and improve your health—while building the habits you need to stay that way for the rest of your life. 


How is nutrition and lifestyle coaching different from fitness coaching or personal training?


Exercise is important—and I can help you with that, too. But exercise only accounts for a few hours each week at most, while challenges around eating, food, and stress happen multiple times throughout EACH day. 


So instead of just focusing on the few hours per week you spend exercising, we’ll focus on building healthy habits outside of the gym as well, since this is where most of your life takes place anyway. 


I’ll help you with everything from nutrition to sleep and stress management—so you can truly develop the habits you need to transform your body and live a healthier life than ever.  


Plus, since my nutrition coaching program operates completely online, I’m more available to provide the support you need to stay on track, when you need it. 


I know that you’ll have questions along the way. Obstacles will come up. 


And instead of having to wait until our next session to get those questions answered or to get help with a challenge you’re facing, you can reach out to me via instant message right away—and I’ll be able to provide much more timely support, guidance, and feedback. 


Why don’t you offer meal plans? Don’t I need to count calories or track macros in order to lose weight?


Great question. Have you tried counting calories, tracking macros, or something similar in the past?


[Wait for response.]


Awesome. How did it go? What worked? What didn’t work?


[Wait for response.]


It’s very common to struggle with restrictive diets, because this approach tells you WHAT to do instead of actually teaching you how to eat better within the context of YOUR lifestyle. 


So while some people are able to get results initially, most actually end up gaining all the weight they lost back again. And they realize that approach simply doesn't work in the long run. 


That doesn’t feel right to me. I became a coach to really help people.


I want to help you lose weight you haven’t been able to shed for years. 


I want to help you gain mental confidence so you can really start living. 


I want to help you learn to eat better in a way that feels easy, consistent, and automatic within the context of YOUR life. 


And I don’t want you to experience these things for just a little while. I want you to be able to experience all that a healthy lifestyle has to offer every day for the rest of your life. 


So that’s why my approach is completely different than most: We’ll work together to find out which foods are best for you, when to eat those foods, and how much of them to eat. 


You’’ build a set of sustainable habits that will serve you for the rest of your life. 


What makes you qualified to coach nutrition? (Note: What they may be asking, either directly or indirectly is, “Why should I hire you, and not a nutritionist or a registered dietitian?)


Insert any additional information that qualifies you personally (years you’ve been coaching, number of clients you’ve worked with etc). 


As a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, I’ve been trained by the best of the best. Their team of experts includes the top Ph.D.s, nutritionists, counselors, researchers, and specialists in the world. 


The evidence-based approach they teach has been proven to work with over 100,000 people, so you can rest assured that the coaching you’ll receive is backed by science and has been proven to work in the real world with real people. 


As your coach, my number one goal is to help you reach YOUR goals. 


I know how frustrating it is to be promised short-term results, only to be continually let down. I hate seeing people experience that. 


And I’m dedicated to helping you finally get the sustainable results you want—and deserve. 


“How do I know if your coaching program is a good fit for me?” 


My nutrition coaching program is for women and men who want to learn how to eat better, get healthier, and INSERT CLIENT’S SPECIFIC GOAL (lose weight, build muscle, maintain weight, etc.)—and stay that way for the rest of their lives. 


So if you’re interested in…


  • Losing weight and body fat 

  • Transforming your relationship with food

  • Having more energy to do the things you love

  • Getting results that last


… then my coaching program is a great fit for you. Plus, the program is designed for people with busy schedules—people with jobs and families and other responsibilities. 


I’ll work closely with you to help you to get results, no matter what other craziness is going on in your life. 


I’ll provide you with personal accountability, a structured nutrition program to follow, and of course—I’ll be there every step of the way to help you stay consistent, overcome obstacles, and stay on track. 


The best part? I don’t give you a crazy diet to follow. Instead, I’ll help you build habits that will get you results that last forever. 


“So… how does this all work? Like, what does this actually look like? 


Once you’ve decided to join my coaching program, I’ll send you an invitation to create an account on ProCoach—which is the online coaching software we’ll use to set goals, provide progress updates, and access your custom nutrition program. 


You’ll also be able to easily connect with me through this online platform via instant messaging. And here’s the really cool part: You can access your program anytime from a computer or a smartphone through the Apple or Android mobile app. 


This is super easy to use and keeps all of your information in one place—which is beneficial for both of us. 


Once we’ve taken care of those logistics, the first thing you’ll do is complete a questionnaire to help me better understand your goals, lifestyle, food intake, exercise, and stress. I want to provide as personalized of a program as possible, so this will help me really get to know you and understand what you want to achieve. 


From there, I’ll take all the information you’ve provided and build a custom nutrition program for you. 


We’ll break your big goals down into small, doable daily actions. 


Your job is simply to login into your online account (or open the app on your phone) each day to see what skill we’re focusing on at that time, and provide a quick “daily check in” to let me know how it’s going. 


From there, we take it one day—and one small step—at a time, adjusting as needed to build the habits you need to reach your goals and achieve a life-changing transformation. 


Insert details about exercise if that’s something you’re providing, or anything else specific to your program that they need to know.

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