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Jun 1, 2021 - Jun 14, 2021

2 Week Summer Abs Challenge

  • 14Days
  • 14Steps


Tired of hiding your belly when you go to the beach or pool? Subscribe to my Summer Abs Challenge, where we'll tone your abs and shred fat to give you the confidence to strut your stuff! Ever heard that saying “abs are made in the kitchen?" There's a reason it's a saying, because it's true! If you have too much belly fat, you aren't going to see the ab muscles we're building (they're there, but we won't be able to see them). If you're body fat percentage is too high, it's essential that you place your highest priority on nutrition! At the very least, downloading my FREE Jumpstart Your Weight Loss guide is crucial. I would highly recommend purchasing my Macros Blueprint, which will tell you exactly how many grams of Protein, Carbs and Fat you should be eating.

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