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Splitting the web client server from the mail server makes thecustomization process more agile, allowing the roll out of new orupdated web UI customization without having to restart the mail servers.This means zero down time.

When you modify global config attributes, the changes are effectiveimmediately on the server to which the modification is done. On othermailbox servers, you must flush the cache to make the changes available orrestart the server. LDAP entries for global config attributes do notexpire.

If Enable DNS lookups is checked, the Zimbra MTA makes an explicit DNSquery for the MX record of the recipient domain. If this option isdisabled, set a relay host in the Relay MTA for external delivery.

The method described in this document to implement master-slavereplication makes use of Keepalived tomaintain a configured virtual IP address that is bound to the masterSSDB instance under normal conditions.

The the SSDB backend makes use of a resource pool to manage access to theSSDB server; threads attempting ephemeral data operations must firstacquire a resource from this pool. To that end, two LDAP attributes havebeen introduced to control the pool configuration.

Your COS configuration and assignment of a COS to accounts determines thedefault settings for account features and the restrictions to be applied togroups of accounts. Individual accounts can be configured differently, andany changes you make override the COS setting. When you update the COS, thechanges are not reflected in accounts that have COS overrides.

Attendees can edit appointments in their calendars, but their changes donot affect anyone else. If the appointment organizer makes changes, thesechanges overwrite the attendees edits. You can modify the COS attributezimbraPrefCalendarApptAllowAtendeeEdit to prevent attendees from editingappointments in their calendar.

If you do not enable this, accounts from domains that do not exist on theserver are not created. Disabling this option makes it easy to importaccounts from specific domains that have been pre-created.

To assign a user to manage a distribution list, you create a distributionlist and enable Admin Group, select the view, grant the distribution listrights, add the user to the list and make that user an administrator.

The standard backup is the default and is automatically scheduled. You donot need to make any additional changes. But when running the auto-groupedbackup you must manually configure the backup schedule. To do so, accessthe CLI and follow the steps underSchedule Auto-Group Backupsto run zmschedulebackup -D to set the defaultschedule for auto-grouped backups.

Before you begin, make sure that the new server is correctly configuredwith the IP address and hostname and that Zimbra Collaboration isinstalled and configured with the same domain, hostname, passwords, the previous server. See the Zimbra Collaboration installation guidefor more information about preparing the server. Before you begin toinstall Zimbra Collaboration, note the information you need from the oldserver including: admin account name and password, LDAP, Amavis, andPostfix passwords, spam training and non-spam training user accountnames, exact domain name, and the global document account name.

Account date template. Sets the date format used in the nametemplate. The default is yyyyMMdd. Adding the date to the account name makesit easier to roll off older data from the system to backups.

When you use the discovery feature in the Administration Console, the toolmakes copies of messages in the target mailbox you create. The messagesoccupy server space, increasing the size of your server. You might want todelete these messages from the target mailbox when they are no longerneeded.

I create the batch script file that make these things easier that you can deploy Windows installer image file to make bootable USB flash drive or save to new iso file to use later and let you choose the drivers, iso file and version of Windows that you need to add usb3 drivers.

I used the DISM-GUI (graphical user interface) which makes live somewhat easier. Just copy the intall.wim and boot.wim from your bootable usb disk to your harddrive; start DISm-GUI, select the installation you want and insert the usb 3.0 driver in both files. After that copy the install.wim and boot.wim back to your usb drive. To make an installable usb drive I used rufus.Worked for me.

The NUC Blog participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which means that we do earn a commission on purchases you might make after clicking an affiliate link - at no extra cost to you. This helps me keep running the site. Thank you for your support!

While you can't unlock a USB drive with a thumbprint (yet), there are some simple and powerful encryption tools available to make your USB flash drive more secure. Here, we'll talk about what they are and how to use them.

The fine folks at have provided us with upload permissions to the 301Works archive. They unfortunately do not want to make them downloadable, but the same data is in our torrents too, just in a different format (we use pipe-delimited, xz-compressed files while 301works uses comma-delimited uncompressed files).

As of moment of writing[09.03.2023] I am not planning to make any kind of Compatibility with mods, however the SVM itself is quite modular, if you think conflicts can happen - you can always disable incompatible section via GFVE.

Not really a rework but rather set current AKI values as default regarding spawn chances, bot limits, gear chances and so on.Kinda refactored how events and debug AI functions handled - to avoid repetitive code usage.Fence offers will remove additional offers that is caused by standing - it's quite ineffective to have 2 separated fields on that regard.Now Cash stacks will work close as BSG ones - You'll setting a Rubles stack in settings, and it will divide it by 100 to make USD/EUR stacks, don't ask me why it wasn't done sooner. I was lazy ok?

If there's a way of seperating the control over the hostility chance of PMCs of same faction (ideally also the USEC/BEAR ratio too) from all other options relating to bot spawns that would make it a more useful (or useable) feature for people who use discrete spawn mods.

As it is currently, if I want to have SVM change hostility chance of same faction PMCs (and/or the ratio of Bears to Usec), I need to tick the Enable box on the Bots tab to make those options active; but by doing that I'm also activating a ton of other things on the bots page (spawns per zone, limits per location, conversion chances) that may or may not interfere with or over-ride or not play nice with bot spawn mods.

It might be fugly (and I'm not saying I'd necessarily recommend to make it look/work exactly like in this picture), but hopefully the image below (in which I've just thrown in three extra "Enable" tickboxes, one by bot spawns, one in the conversion section, and one in the gear durability section) may help illustrate what I mean and how much more targeted discrete control the user could be given; they could choose which bot related settings they want to enable *without* it also enabling lots of other options to become active that they might not want svm to change (or that might mess with other mods they're using):

Usually if you use mods that affects AI (Such as Fin's AI Tweaks) you'd run SVM first(And by first I mean it will be loaded first in the server), change only settings you want and then apply.This way SVM will not cause conflicts with mods (since it doesn't alter existing AKI fields) and you can have everything active at once.Point is - most default values that SVM has is same as default AKI values, the reason boss chances got a separate `enable` is the fact it isn't - Raiders and Rogues in SVM is not 1:1 to AKI settings.I understand that additional control over functions is a good QoL, yet adding more and more of those makes UI a little bit cluttered and tedious to use, because you'll have to enable way more stuff that by default won't change anything.Thanks for feedback though.For an addition - mod load order is based on alphabetical sort of the mod folder names.Best way to handle mod load order Guns/Traders mods>SVM>Any AI or other overhaul based mods like Realism

First tried this mod after experiencing poor loot table RNG and decided I needed change to make my game experience enoyable (20 interchange raids hitting every tech spawn/multiple PC blocks and not a single GPU it was that bad).

i had the mod for a bit and it worked as intended until at some point i dont know how the mod made it so that when scavs and pmc's shoot my screen would strobe black and i couldnt kill or be killed i hope The Katto see's this as it is a big problem and made my game unplayable please look into this in case it happens to others and dont spend your last 10 hours trying to figure out why your game wont work and redownloading everything a lot of times if i make a preset and decide to load it it fucks my game and i dont know why please help please fix

Check your scanner to make sure it isn't compressing the files too much for Adobe to open. I had the same issue and noticed that the file size was 0 kb. Rescanning at low compression resolved the issue.

V3M is a proprietary file format developed by Vectric for Vector Art 3D and Design and Make. Files in this format can be purchased from and and when imported into Aspire will create a new Component with the same name as the file. This will be imported at the size and position the part was saved in the original file.

Eventually, she arrived at La Alameda, a community center that serves Argentina's burgeoning Bolivian community. Velasquez soon learned that they also make clothes there, and found that her sewing skills were in demand. 041b061a72


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