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Antenna 3 La Bustarella Video

Antenna 3 La Bustarella Video: A Look Back at the Iconic Italian TV Show

La Bustarella was a popular Italian TV show that aired from 1978 to 1984 on the regional channel Antenna 3 Lombardia. It was a game show that featured beautiful women, called "Le Giuseppine", who would perform various tasks and challenges, often involving stripping or nudity. The show was considered scandalous and provocative for its time, but also very successful and influential in the Italian media landscape.


In this article, we will explore the history, the format, and the legacy of La Bustarella, as well as some of the videos that are available online for those who want to relive or discover this classic Italian TV show.

The History of La Bustarella

La Bustarella was created by Ettore Andenna, a former journalist and radio host who became the director of Antenna 3 Lombardia in 1977. He wanted to create a show that would attract viewers and advertisers, and that would compete with the national channels RAI and Mediaset. He came up with the idea of a game show that would involve women performing various tasks, such as guessing words, solving puzzles, or playing cards, while gradually removing their clothes. The show was named after the Italian word "bustarella", which means "little envelope" or "bribe", and refers to the envelopes that contained money or prizes for the contestants.

The first episode of La Bustarella aired on October 2, 1978, and was an instant hit. The show was broadcast every weekday from 12:30 to 13:00, and soon became one of the most watched programs in Italy. The show also attracted controversy and criticism from various sectors of society, such as feminists, religious groups, politicians, and journalists, who denounced the show as sexist, vulgar, immoral, and illegal. The show was also subject to censorship and legal actions from the authorities, who tried to ban or limit its broadcast. However, Andenna managed to defend his show and keep it on air until 1984, when he decided to end it due to declining ratings and changing tastes.

The Format of La Bustarella

La Bustarella was a game show that consisted of three rounds. In each round, a male contestant would face one or more female contestants, called "Le Giuseppine", who were usually models or actresses. The male contestant would have to guess words or phrases based on clues given by Andenna or by the audience. The female contestants would have to perform tasks related to the words or phrases, such as acting them out, drawing them, or playing cards. For each correct answer, the male contestant would win money or prizes, while the female contestants would have to remove an item of clothing. The game would end when either the male contestant ran out of time or money, or when one or more of the female contestants were left naked.

The show was known for its humor, creativity, and unpredictability. Andenna would often improvise jokes and comments based on the situations and reactions of the contestants and the audience. The female contestants would also display different personalities and attitudes, ranging from shy and reluctant to bold and playful. The tasks and challenges would vary in difficulty and complexity, sometimes involving props, music, or special effects. The show also featured guest stars, such as singers, comedians, or celebrities, who would join the game or perform sketches.

The Legacy of La Bustarella

La Bustarella was one of the most iconic and influential TV shows in Italy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was a pioneer in introducing nudity and eroticism on Italian television, breaking taboos and challenging conventions. It was also a showcase for many talented women who became famous thanks to the show, such as Loredana Lecciso, Sabrina Salerno, Moana Pozzi, Eva Grimaldi, Nadia Cassini, Carmen Russo, and many others. The show also inspired many imitations and parodies on other channels and media.

Today, La Bustarella is still remembered as a cult classic by many Italians who grew up watching it. Many videos of the show are available online for those who want to relive or discover this unique piece of Italian TV history. Here are some links to some of the videos of La Bustarella:

  • [La Bustarella Antenna3 Lombardia]: A compilation of clips from the show, featuring some of the most famous Giuseppine and guest stars.

  • [Antennatre Lombardia - La bustarella (1)]: The first episode of the show, aired on October 2, 1978.

  • [la Bustarella 20 5 83 gioco Aranca]: An episode from 1983, featuring the game Aranca, where the female contestants had to guess words based on drawings.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Antenna 3 La Bustarella Video. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!


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