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The Santa Clauses - Season 1Eps1

On the Fox front, Avatar has made the cut, along with the three Home Alone movies and other family-friendly oddities like Splash. TV shows-wise, Disney Plus isn't quite as strong, but Star Wars fans can check out every season of The Clone Wars and Rebels, which are fantastic animated series. Marvel shows like Agents of Shield and The Runaways are also available to stream.

The Santa Clauses - Season 1Eps1


Notes: This is the first episode with only three official ingredients in a basket (dessert round). There would be no hard-set limit until season 4. Chef Rosenhouse would later compete on Sweet Genius. Chef Pollaci would later be a repeat winner on Cutthroat Kitchen.

Notes: Throughout each course, Chef Giuliano failed to complete any of his dishes. Chef Roshni later competed on Season 10 of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen in 2012 (under the surname Gurnani), finishing in 12th place. Chef Roshni and Chef Giuliano both later competed on Beat Bobby Flay on separate seasons, but lost to Bobby Flay.

Notes: This is Marcus Samuelsson's first episode as a judge. Chef Petroni competed on and won the fourteenth season of Food Network Star. Both he and Chef Hanlon later competed on Beat Bobby Flay.

Notes: This was a grilling-themed episode. The stovetops were outfitted with grill sheets and two other burners and the ovens were off-limits throughout the competition. The chefs were also given pre-soaked cedar planks that they could use if they wished. This was the first time since season 5 that there were only three basket ingredients in the appetizer round instead of four.

Notes: This is the third part of a five-part tournament featuring celebrity chefs competing for charity. This heat featured former contestants from season 7 of The Next Food Network Star. Chef Davidi went on to compete in Cutthroat Kitchen.

Notes: This is the fourth part of a five-part tournament featuring celebrity chefs competing for charity. This heat featured Chopped judges (none of whom had competed in the season 6 All-Stars Tournament

Notes: This is the second tournament of the season. This time it's a 5-part charity tournament. As with previous celebrity/all-star tournaments, the winner gets $50,000 for their charity. This heat featured two Food Network personalities and two Cooking Channel personalities.

Notes: Chef Peacock's brother Darius Peacock is a two-time Chopped winner (in season 1 and in season 2's "Chopped Champions" event). The turnips used in the entrée were baby turnips. 041b061a72


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