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[S1E4] Safety On

As Durin prepares to accompany Elrond back to Lindon to meet with the Elf High King Gil-galad, Theo and the others return to the safety of the tower. With the morgul blade in his possession once again, Theo meets an old man bearing the mark of Sauron who warns him of a coming threat. Back in the orc base, Adar is visibly pleased to learn that his underlings have discovered the location of the sword and his sinister plans begin to take shape.

[S1E4] Safety On

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Providing enhanced levels of safety, XTSE contactors integrate to applications to not only achieve the highest safety circuits but provide additional levels of protection that reinforce end-user safety. XTSE contactors stand out, and so do our customers who use them.

"Partners" starts immediately where "Echoes" left off, with Jack holding Clint at sword point (with his own sword!) In truth, part of me expected Clint to recognize Jack as his childhood mentor, which is how the two characters are connected in the comics. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, and what ensues is far funnier. Short story shorter: It turns out Eleanor is also home, and she and Jack sit Clint and Kate down for a light-hearted and funny interrogation about what's going on. I really liked how directors Bert and Bertie used a sword to divide the two parties sitting at the table. And while Eleanor is impressed that an Avenger wants to work with her daughter, she's also worried about Kate's safety and asks Clint to keep her out of it. (Did Eleanor know Clint was a parent because she's good at recognizing one of her own, or has she been researching the bow-and-arrow-wielding hero for a nefarious reason?)

Anyway, this night of fun and revelations, combined with Clint meeting Elenaor, ends up backfiring on Kate. Clint has truly started to care for Kate. So after the aforementioned rooftop brawl ends, Clint pushes Kate away and tells her to scram because he's worried about her safety and doesn't want to see her get hurt like Natasha did. Of course, we have two episodes left and know she won't stay out of the action.

Lester, for his part, is still dealing with the repercussions of his actions that were supported by Malvo. In addition to the hole in his hand, there's still a pool of blood on his floor. He's unable to leave any part of those crimes behind him, also because Wrench and Numbers are harassing him, too. In a smooth move, Lester used the taser he accidentally pilfered from his brother on Numbers, and made the great move of lightly punching the police officer to get arrested, to ensure his safety (once again, no Minnesota nice from the officer, who told the obviously desperate Lester he wasn't a taxi service). Of course, in the hour's funniest moment, things went right back to where they started after Numbers and Wrench -- who had a falling out after Lester's escape -- ended up in the same holding cell as their mark.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Rick, Glenn, T-Dog and Daryl -- who wraps up his brother Merle's hand and puts it in Glenn's backpack -- try to track down Merle's whereabouts by following the trail of blood left by his amputated hand. They determine that he cauterized his wound and made a run for it. The quartet decide they'll keep pursuing Merle -- but not without the safety of Rick's discarded bag of guns. As T-Dog says, he's not strolling the streets of Atlanta with just good intentions.

Bram Visser turns out to be the cheesy poufs man from the cold open, the one with the locked basement. Without Niels' handy police badge, Visser won't let Baptiste in, closing the door in his face. Baptiste calls Stratton for back up, but he can't come. Genevieve has him watched by her officers "for his safety." Left on his own, Baptiste waits until Visser steps out for more junk food, and breaks in, cutting the chains on the basement door. Downstairs he finds no trafficked girls. Instead, there's a security set-up, watching feeds from all over the town.

Virginia Tech senior researcher, Matt Camden, joins this episode of HDT Talks Trucking to provide insights into how changing driving hiring policies, building a better safety culture, and adopting some advanced safety technology can improve fleet safety performance and better CSA scores. 041b061a72


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