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Johnny Daniels
Johnny Daniels

My Milf Boss

I couldn't help notice when my boss walked past. My eyes were instantly drawn to her long smooth legs under her slim-fitted pencil skirt, then up to her round, juicy ass, then further up to her large, perky breasts concealed behind her tight, low-cut blouse and finally to her gorgeous face. Ms Jessica Reyland was older than me; she was in her late thirties while I was only just twenty-five. I had always wanted a sexual experience with an older woman, the thought had always turned me on; I often had to cover up my erection while fantasising about her at work.

my milf boss


'Oh fuck, eat my pussy. I want you to make your boss cum all over your face!' she said- that was all the encouragement I needed! I dove my tongue into her hot pussy. She tasted better than anything or anyone I had ever tasted.

'So where do you want me to cum, boss?' I asked her. She stopped sucking and grinned; she stood up and sat back onto the edge of her desk, spreading her legs. I quickly thrust my cock into her and pumped it in and out quickly until I felt my hot cum fill up her tight little pussy. 'I'm cumming again!' she squealed as her pussy tightened around my throbbing dick.

Who's the boss? Somebody's mother I'd like to fuck! Watch these power-hungry MILFs take advantage of the working man and make their balls burn the midnight oil. Sexually harassing the hired help never felt so good!

I randomly received a text from a previous boss the other day, and invariably this is where my mind wandered to pretty quickly. A few years after I graduated college I ended up working at a medical education firm. It was a pretty typical job, required some late nights and a little bit of travel for conferences.

My MILF Boss is feeding the frenzy that has gone through everyone's mind at one time or another. That person that really does something for you, giving you that stirring of daydream delight, and from this site, the boss takes over and in a very hardcore manner! Tour promises held true and tons of extras make this an all around bargain. 041b061a72


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