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5 Nutrition and Fitness Mistakes Most People Make - Mistake #2

#2 I’m Going On The (Fill in the blank) Diet

I don’t how many times I’ve uttered this phrase. We all want to believe in the next fad diet that promises quick results with minimal work. Usually it involves severe deprivation 🤐 and lots of intense hunger.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t do well starving myself. This girl likes to eat 😋! I think that’s why we end up failing. We can’t live like that forever. If we do stick it out for the “BIG EVENT” we wanted to lose weight for, what happens when we go back to our old ways? You guessed it, we gain the weight back and then some. We never really learned how to permanently change our eating habits.

A better approach would be incorporating healthy foods 🍓🍇🥑🥦🥔🥚 into your diet, and eating several small meals a day to stay satisfied. We should think long term journey rather than a 4-week crash diet. Your results will be more permanent, and you will have developed a healthier attitude toward food. At Megan Harden Fitness, we’re about making healthy living a habit!

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