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Nutrition Tip: Nutrition is the key to visible results!

Nutrition is the 🔑 to visible results ⬇️⬇️⬇️

If I could shout📣 it from the rooftops🏠, I would! Once you learn how to fuel 🥩🍚🥑your body properly, you WILL finally start to see 👀results from all the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Everyone’s caloric needs are different. What I need everyday based on my age, activity level, and how much muscle💪🏼 I have differs from what you may need. Each one of my family members has their own Macros Blueprint that they follow; and all of us are different. My 22 year old daughter, who is similar in height and weight to me, consumes a different amount of calories than I do.

Something else to consider are your goals. If you’re wanting to put on muscle 💪🏼, but you’re not eating enough food, you can’t build muscle. If you’re spending countless hours doing cardio 🏃‍♀️, but you don’t have your eating in line, you won’t see much, if any, weight loss.

If you’re serious about making some changes to your health, checkout my Macros Blueprint. You won’t regret it. I can’t be there to force you to follow it; but if you do, I promise it will change your life!

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