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30 MIN Full Body ALL STANDING Dumbbell Strength Workout

In this 30 min Full Body All Standing Dumbbell Strength, we're going to be working every muscle in our body to get strong without having to get up and down off the floor! Today, we have a total of 3 circuits. We'll be going through each circuit two times before moving on to the next circuit. We'll be working for 45 secs on, with 15 secs of rest between each exercise. Feel free to take more rest if you need to by simply pausing the video. So if you're ready, grab your dumbbells and a drink of water, and let's get STRONG 🔥! #standingworkout #dumbbellworkout #strengthworkout

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Simply follow along and pause whenever you need to! Don't forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel here 👉



👉🏼 Duration: 30 MIN

👉🏼 Focus: STRENGTH

👉🏼 Equipment: DUMBBELLS

👉🏼 45 SEC/15 SEC REST



Circuit 1:

Alternating Power Snatch

Alternating Side Crunch

Alternating Punches

Deadlift w/Alternating Overhead Lunge

Squat Swing

Circuit 2:


Deadlift to Upright Row

Alternating Rotation to Lower

Heel Elevated Goblet Squat

Hang Clean

Circuit 3:

Side Lunge & Press-L

Side Lunge & Press-R

Crunch with Alternating Leg

Squat Curl & Press

Tricep Kickback

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