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Don't compare yourself to others, get inspired!

Don’t compare, get inspired! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We’ve all done it, compared ourselves to someone else, especially on social media 📰. Everyone seems to have it all together. I bet if we could see behind the scenes, most people are just like you and I. Trying to figure life out. Making mistakes 🤦and hopefully learning from them.

The problem is, we’re usually our own worst critic🧐. We beat ourselves up if the scale doesn’t read less, or our batwings🦇 haven’t disappeared, and all the while we’ve been putting in the time at the gym💪.

It seems the older👵 I get though, the more grace I allow myself. When I take pictures📸 for my post most days, it’s after a grueling workout and I’m a mess🥴. I think to myself, I can’t post that, my face is all red🥵, I have sweat everywhere, my hair is disheveled, etc. But, that’s real life. If I look great at the end of my workout, I have to ask myself if I should have pushed harder.

So instead of comparing, let’s cheer 🥳on someone who has worked hard to get where they’re at, let’s cheer on the person that’s just beginning their journey towards a new goal🏆. Life is hard enough without the naysayers🐎.

That’s what I love about Crossfit. I get my butt🍑 kicked most days by everyone in the class, but my friends and family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 are there to root me on and say good job. That means a lot to me. That makes me want to go back everyday.

Let inspiration lead you to make positive changes in your own life. Who know’s, someday you might be someone’s inspiration🤗!

Do you have someone that has inspired you? Comment below.

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