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Focus on what you can do today to achieve your goal!

Focus on what you can do TODAY!

Sometimes when we have a BIG goal 🏆 we want to achieve, we can become paralyzed by not knowing how to tackle the goal. Instead of making a plan and implementing it, we do nothing. You can’t just say, “I want to lose weight!,” and your body just sheds the pounds on command. I WISH!!

I recommend focusing on small attainable goals that are within your control. Choose behaviors that will lead to achieving your BIG goal.

Example: A goal might be to lose 50 lbs by your birthday 🎁

Behavior changes that you can implement to reach that goal might look like this:

✅ Make it to the gym 🏋️‍♂️ 3 times a week

✅ Cut-out sugary drinks 🥤

✅ Eat slower and savor your food 🍽

✅ Limit alcohol 🍷 consumption to 2 drinks per week

✅ Eat a vegetable 🥦 at every meal

These are things you can do that are within your control.

Pick a goal 🥇today and start working toward achieving it. Remember consistent behavior over time leads to BIG CHANGE!!

Comment below and tell me your goals!

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