Tips to stop eating mindlessly!

Tips to stop eating mindlessly:

👉Listen to your body 👂 It will tell you when it’s hungry. If you’re struggling to determine if you’re really hungry, ask yourself, would I readily eat a pile of broccoli 🥦. Remember if you are really hungry, you’ll eat anything 😋

👉Weigh or measure your portion before you indulge. You would be surprised how much more you eat when you don’t portion out your food. If you’ve ever actually weighed out peanut butter, you know what I’m talking about 😬

👉Keep trigger foods out of sight. If you walk by your kids Halloween 🍭 and pop a few in your mouth several times a day, that can really add up!

👉Don’t eat distracted 📺 Slow down. Enjoy your food. Enjoy your company.

👉Just because a food is labeled “healthy” 🏥 doesn’t mean you can eat 4 servings of it. Calories add up regardless of food quality.

👉Don’t buy unhealthy snacks in bulk. Stock piling food increases your chances of overeating.

‼️Remember every Bite, Lick and Taste counts toward your total caloric intake whether you record it or not.‼️



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