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Want to know how to get in your daily protein goal on the go?

How to get in protein on the go 🏃‍♀️⬇️⬇️⬇️

If ya’ll are like me, you’re on the go all the time 😪 If I ‘m not running a kid to baseball ⚾️, I’m running some kind of errand🛍. Some days I feel like I live in my car 🚗.

An easy way to get your protein in everyday is by adding in a protein shake. The thing that’s great about protein shakes is that you can carry them with you wherever you go - just add a couple of scoops to a shaker, and bring it with you. Whenever you’re ready to have it, just add water 💦 and drink. If you have extra time, you can add fruit 🍎, veggies🥕, nut butter🥜, etc. and make it an entire meal.

Be careful if you’re buying a “protein” shake from somewhere, there could be hidden sugar and other unwanted ingredients. Another great option is a protein bar. They keep for awhile, and you can throw one in your purse 👜 to have on you at all times just in case of an emergency.

Be careful to look for protein powders and bars that do not have excessive sugar, fat or other artificial ingredients.

Protein shakes and bars are not necessary if you get enough protein through whole food sources🍳🥩🧀. Whole food sources are always preferred over supplements, but sometimes supplements are our only option 🤷🏼‍♀️, especially if we’re on the go a lot.

Our family uses @biochemproteinprotein powders. Not only are they listed as a top protein on the Green Label Project’s website, but they’re a whey protein isolate - the purest form of whey! You can find it on my website if you’re interested. Just click on “recommended products!”


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