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10 Minute Alexis Ren Ab Workout + Why I Can't See My Abs NutrItion Advice

In this 10 min Alexis Ren Ab workout, we're going to be feeling the burn in our bellies with a series of non-stop ab exercises! We'll be performing each exercise for a total of 30 seconds with no rest. So if you're ready, grab a towel and a drink of water, and let's get ready to torch our core 🔥! #abworkout #fitover40 #fitness

⭐️BONUS | Don't forget to hang out until the end of the video for my NUTRITION ADVICE!

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👉🏼 Duration: 10 MIN

👉🏼 Focus: ABS

👉🏼 Equipment: NONE




Sit ups

Knee touch crunches

Heel touches

Bicycle crunches

reach through crunches

Legs to ceiling reaching crunches

Toe taps leg lifts

Flutter kicks

Scissor kicks

Leg lifts

Leg up alternating toe crunch

Crunch kicks

Mountain climbers


right side plank

Left side plank


plank twists

Spider climbers

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