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20 Min Dumbbell HIIT Workout | Full Body

In this 20 Min Dumbbell HIIT Workout, we're going to be performing two rounds of 10 exercises. We'll be performing each exercise for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest. For the second round, I want you to either up the intensity and do more reps, or increase the weight of the dumbbells. Feel free to take more rest if you need to by pausing the video. For reference, I'm using a pair of 15lb and 20lb dumbbells. Feel free to use lighter (or heavier) dumbbells. Now, if you're ready, grab your dumbbells and a drink of water, and let's get started 🔥! #hiit #fitover40 #dumbbellworkout

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👉🏼 Duration: 20 MIN


👉🏼 Equipment: DUMBBELLS

👉🏼 45 SEC/15 SEC REST



Hang Power Clean

Dumbbell Swings

Switching Rows

Push Press

Alternating Snatch

1 1/2 Squat

Dumbbell Sit-Up

Front Rack Reverse Lunge

Bicycle Press

Pullover with Leg Raise

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