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20 Min Standing Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

In this 20 min upper body dumbbell workout, we're going to be using dumbbells to tone and strengthen our upper body. We'll be working for the usual 45 secs on and 15 secs off; but we'll be doing each exercise two times in a row. The first set will seem a bit easier, but the second set will definitely be more challenging! #upperbodyworkout #fitover40 #fitness

⭐️BONUS | Don't forget to hang out until the end of the video for my NUTRITION TIP!

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👉🏼 Duration: 20 MIN

👉🏼 Focus: UPPER BODY

👉🏼 Equipment: DUMBBELLS (For reference, I'm using 8lb and 10lb dumbbells)

👉🏼 45 Sec Work, 15 Sec Rest



Valley Press

Standing Upward Fly

Standing Arnold Press

Lateral Raise

Alt. Bent Over Row w/Shoulder Raise

Overhead Tricep Extension

Upright Row

Bicep Curls


Tricep Kickback

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