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5 Nutrition and Fitness Mistakes Most People Make - Mistake #1

5 Nutrition and Fitness Mistakes Most People Make -Mistake #1

#1 I Need To “Lose Weight”

While it’s true that many people do need to “lose weight” to improve their health, what they actually mean is, they need to “lose body fat.”

If you begin a weight training program, and begin to put on muscle 💪🏻 while losing body fat, the scale may not change much; or it may even go up ⬆ since muscle weighs more than fat!!

Your body will appear firmer and tighter, and your clothes 👗 will fit better. That’s why I’m not a huge advocate of measuring your success based on a number on the scale. I would much rather look 👀 in the mirror, or use a measuring tape 📏 to determine success!

The picture on the left was me in 2014. I did ZERO weightlifting at the time. I weighed 140 lbs and was a size 6/8. The picture on the right is me now. Also 140lbs, and I wear a size 4. The scale didn’t change, but my body composition is completely different now!!!

If you’re interested in losing body fat and not just weight (which could include valuable muscle mass) consider trying out my Macros Blueprint. Don’t believe it works? I know it works, because it’s exactly what I DID!

If you’re still not ready to take the leap into macros, check out my FREE E-book, which will get you started in the right direction. Just click the link in my bio, or visit

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