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8 Week Summer Shape-Up Workout Schedule

Hey, it’s Megan and welcome to my channel where I’m on a mission to redefine what the middle-aged body can look like! Before we get into it, be sure you’re subscribed to my channel and hit that notification bell so you’ll be notified when my next video drops. With that out of the way, I want to introduce you to my 8 Week Summer Shape-Up Workout schedule.

Since we’re about 8 weeks out from the summer season, I thought it would be helpful to have a program to follow as a community to work on getting our bodies in shape! The summer schedule starts tomorrow, April 18, 2022. Each Sunday, I’ll be posting the weekly workout schedule, along with some nutrition habits to work and build on for the week.

There will be 5 workout videos per week (ranging from 20 - 45 mins in length) targeting your upper body, lower body, abs and glutes. I’ve also created a PLAYLIST titled, “8 Week Summer Shape Up,” which will contain the workout videos for the week. You’ll see that each video in the playlist is numbered, which corresponds to the number on the weekly workout schedule.

For this Summer shape up schedule, all you’ll need is a couple of pairs of dumbbells (a light pair and a heavy pair), an exercise mat, a chair or bench, and an Abmat or a rolled towel! I’ve organized the workouts so that we’re giving our various muscle groups adequate rest for optimum results!

Now, you’ve heard me say this a hundred times on my channel, but as a certified nutrition coach, I can tell you that exercise is important; but what’s even MORE important is fueling your body PROPERLY to get the BEST results!!! I recommend downloading my FREE Jumpstart Your Weightless E-book at This will provide the basics for getting started building healthy nutrition habits. The next step I recommend would be to watch my YouTube video titled, “How Many Calories You Need to Lose Weight.” This will tell you exactly how many calories you should be eating for your goals. Alternatively, I can do it for you by purchasing my Macros Blueprint over at

Alright, now if you’re ready, let’s get in summer shape together! Good luck! Remember, you can tailor my workouts to make them as hard or easy as you want just by adjusting the weight of the dumbbells. On some of the workouts, you may even choose to just use your bodyweight!

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