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All I Want for Christmas | ABS WORKOUT

All I Want for Christmas | ABS WORKOUT - Tighten and tone your abs in this 10 min abs workout. featuring 10 different ab exercises. Try this quick HIIT style abs workout before Christmas to prep your belly for all that festive goodness; and do it after so you can actually button up your pants = )*

*We all have abs, but sometimes you just can't see them because we're carrying around a bit too much body fat! That's totally 👌. There's definitely times throughout the year when I can't see mine either!

Simply follow along and pause whenever you need to! Don't forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel!



👉🏼 Duration: 10 MIN

👉🏼 Focus: ABS

👉🏼 Equipment: NONE

👉🏼 45 Sec Work, 15 Sec Rest



1️⃣ Straight Arm Crunch

2️⃣ Sit-up w/ Alt. Side Twist

3️⃣ Toe Reach

4️⃣ Russian Twist

5️⃣ Crunch

6️⃣ Up and Over

7️⃣ Knee Tuck

8️⃣ Leg Lift

9️⃣ Full-Extension Tuck

🔟 Slow Sit-up

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