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At Home Strength Training Workout for Beginners Over 40

In this At Home Strength Training Workout for Beginners Over 40, we're going to be performing two rounds of 10 strength exercises. We'll be performing each exercise for 40 seconds, with 20 seconds of rest. Feel free to take more rest if you need to by pausing the video. For reference, I'm using a pair of 20lb dumbbells. Feel free to use lighter (or heavier) dumbbells. Now, if you're ready, grab your dumbbells and a drink of water, and let's get started 🔥! #beginnerworkout #fitover40 #fitness

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👉🏼 Duration: 20 MIN

👉🏼 Focus: STRENGTH

👉🏼 Equipment: DUMBBELLS

👉🏼 40 SEC/20 SEC REST




Chest Press


Shoulder Press

Lateral Lunge-R

Lateral Lunge-L

Farmer’s Carry March

Alternating Forward Lunge

Bent Over Row

Squat Clean Thruster

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