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HIIT That Booty | Top Exercises to Grow your Booty

This YouTube video is an at home HIIT Booty Workout. These are my top exercises to grow your booty! We’re going to work in a Tabata style - 40 seconds on, and then rest for 20 seconds for a total of 2 cycles.

Workout Description

2 Rounds of 6 Exercises 40 secs of work followed by 20 secs of rest for 18 mins

Hip Thrust

Bulgarian Split Squat (Right Leg)

Bulgarian Split Squat (Left Leg)

Fire Hydrant (Right Leg)

Fire Hydrant (Left Leg)

Sumo Deadlift

Single Leg Glute Bridge (Right Leg)

Single Leg Glute Bridge (Left Leg)

Seated Banded Hip Abduction

This workout is performed with dumbbells; but can be performed with a barbell or just your bodyweight! Obviously, the heavier you go, the better the results.

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It’s important to warm-up before you workout! So just go ahead and do this one

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Disclaimer: If you're new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness program, you should consult your physician. This video may offer health, fitness, or nutritional information, and is meant for educational purposes only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or program is solely at your own risk.

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