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Nutrition Tip: How to eat when traveling for the holidays

How to eat when traveling for the holidays 🦃 🎄! There are a few different ways one can take regarding holiday travel 🚘 eating. If you’re maintaining your weight or trying to put on weight, then just eat in moderation and enjoy yourself. I do recommend hitting your protein goal for the day 💪! If you’re trying to lose weight and don’t want to stray to far off your goals🏆, I recommend the following tips: 👊 Stay active. You may not have a gym at your disposal, but a brisk walk🚶‍♀️, jog🏃‍♀️, etc. still keeps you moving. There are plenty of bodyweight movements you can do as well, like push-ups, air squats, plank holds, lunges, etc. 👊 Hit your recommend protein 🥚🍗 goal throughout the day 👊 Pack a cooler with protein snacks to supplement in between your 3 main meals🍽. You can fill the cooler with low-fat yogurt, cheese sticks 🧀, fruit 🍓, veggies🥦🥕, protein bars, protein shakes, jerky, etc. I like to pack individual serving sizes so everything is already portioned out. 👊 Healthy fats are a good option like nuts 🥜, but I usually get enough fat in my other foods while traveling, so I don’t eat additional snacks with much fat. 👊 Pick and choose when you’ll enjoy a treat 🍨. Mindless eating won’t get you any closer to your goal. I recommend having veggies 🥒, low-fat dip and fruit 🍇cut up and ready to eat instead of candy, chips and cookies. 👊 If you plan on having a nice meal 🥘 out every day, eat mostly lean protein 🐓 and vegetables 🥗 for the other 2 meals. That way you have plenty of carbs 🍚 and fats saved up for your 1 nice meal. 👊 If you eat out more than once, have a handful of options available in advance where you know the macros already. If I know I’ll be eating fast food, I can use my macro tracking app to look up options in advance! I can add healthy carbs that I’ve already packed in my cooler, or I can get a side of fruit or a salad. 👊 Make sure to stay hydrated. If you’re eating out a lot, most restaurant foods contain high amounts of 🧂 . Enjoy yourself! Eat healthy when you can, and don’t go overboard when healthy eating may not be an option. Safe Travels! 🧳 LIKE ❤️ SHARE ↗️ and SAVE 📒

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